Norton: When the mirror talks back what is it telling us? (column) |

Norton: When the mirror talks back what is it telling us? (column)

Typically the first person we greet each morning is ourself. Whether we are washing up, brushing our teeth, shaving, putting on some makeup or combing or brushing our hair, our first interaction is looking straight into our own eyes.

We may be thinking about the day ahead of us, maybe remembering all or at least part of a dream we had last night. We may be scrutinizing or judging our appearance, and we may even be reflecting on something we have done or said. Perhaps something we didn’t say or didn’t do, either.

You probably know just as many people as I do who spend more time in front of a mirror than most others do. They are constantly looking at themselves throughout the day. In the morning, they want to make sure they look just right and, in some cases, absolutely perfect. And in the evenings, while brushing their teeth or getting ready for bed, they do the once over one more time to see how they look.

And throughout the day, every opportunity at something where they can see their own reflection they take advantage of it. The car window, the rearview mirror, a storefront covered in glass and even a mirror app on their phone.

While many people do check themselves out throughout the day, from that first greeting through to the end of the day, some will also look to the mirror for answers. “Am I strong enough to handle today?” “Did I do the right thing earlier?” “Is it time for a change?” “Am I who I want to be and where I want to be?”

And although we may think that the mirror doesn’t talk back, I would offer that it does talk back and does so 100 percent of the time. You see, it’s not the mirror’s ability to talk back to us that’s the problem; most times, it is our unwillingness to hear the mirror or hold ourselves accountable to what the mirror is saying.

We all know what we should do or what we have to do. We all know what we should not have done or what we did. Most of us know what the mirror is saying, we just don’t want to listen or we make excuses to justify why we can’t or won’t do something or stand up for someone or something. Mirrors are a reflection of what is in front of them. And unless they are a trick mirror or carnival mirror, they also do not tell lies.

So, it doesn’t matter if it is that first greeting in the morning, the glances throughout the day or that last look in the evening, we know what the mirror is saying, don’t we? The mirror is the procrastinator’s worst nightmare. When the mirror is telling us to do something, we need to do it. It’s not the eyes of others who are looking at us; those are our own eyes that are looking right back into our soul, our heart and our goals and dreams.

What are we supposed to do when the mirror talks back? We are to listen and we are to take action.

How about you? Are the mirrors in your life speaking to you? The bigger question is this, are you listening and taking action? I would love to hear what your mirror is telling you at, and when we hear what our mirrors are saying, and we do what we know we need to do, it really will be a better than good week.

Michael Norton is a former resident of Edwards, the past president of the Zig Ziglar Corp., strategic consultant and business and personal coach.

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