Not your place to be judge and jury regarding Taft Conlin case (letter) |

Not your place to be judge and jury regarding Taft Conlin case (letter)

Mr. Carlson: I was sickened by your heartless letter concerning the tragedy of Taft Conlin, the child killed in an avalanche on Vail Mountain (“What happened to individual responsibility?” Wednesday, April 25). I did not know him, nor do I know his parents. What I can tell you is they have gone through many hells of the “what ifs” and “should haves.” Your letter was full of gibberish and cruelty.

Vail Resort has done everything possible to make the mountain safe and cannot outguess every human move. Children, especially adventurous teens, will find countless ways to tempt danger, and it doesn’t matter if they were raised by Mother Theresa. A jury will decide who or what was to blame for this sad event. It is certainly not your place.

That day’s tragedy was horrific for everyone it touched: the boy, his parents, friends and family and Vail Resorts. Let this play out with decency and respect. You owe an apology to “the folks” that paid the ultimate price.

Judi Kirby


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