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On basic economics and the presence among us of heroic teachers (letter)

Two items caught my attention in Saturday’s Vail Daily.

The first was on Page A18, a story about a school shooting at an Indiana high school. A seventh grader was excused from science class and returned with two handguns and started shooting.

The teacher, Jason Seaman, promptly knocked one of the guns away and tackled the shooter. Seaman suffered three gunshot wounds, but his prompt response stopped the attack.

There are those who oppose arming teachers. The implication is that they are temperamentally unsuited for taking action in such incidents. I disagree. I believe there are many teachers like Jason Seaman, who are capable of doing the right thing in emergencies.

Later, a number of police and federal agents descended on the scene; but as usual, they were only able to conduct an investigation. The show was over before they arrived.

The other item of interest was a letter on page A6 from Bill Bethke of Edwards. He has concerns about inflation pressures and budget deficits arising from the recent tax cuts and a tightened labor supply.

His points are well taken, but he did not address the real problems facing our economy — entitlement programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. These programs are part of the third rail in American politics because they are popular with a large part of the electorate. So politicians avoid bringing them up, especially in an election season. Can we blame them?

Unless major adjustments are made, these entitlement programs will break us. The ultimate culprits are the people, who won’t accept adjustments needed to make those programs solvent.

Terry Quinn


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