One thing we can agree on across the aisle? Clean up after yourselves (letter) |

One thing we can agree on across the aisle? Clean up after yourselves (letter)

I noticed that a number of the patrons at the Gypsum shooting range weren’t picking up their brass (used, empty cartridge cases), so I got permission from the gun club to post signs reminding people to pick up their brass and put it into the proper containers.

I was out putting up the signs and had a conversation with one of the patrons. He noted that it was a shame I needed to post such signs. We went on to talk about people who throw paper towels, etc., on the floor in restrooms and those who leave their shopping carts standing wherever at the local food stores’ parking lots.

I have had similar experiences in Eagle. I regularly go past Yeti’s, a local coffee place. They have tables and chairs on the sidewalk for their clientele. From time to time, I see empty coffee containers left about. Recently, I was walking by and the wind was picking up. Someone had left a Vail Daily on a table, and it was starting to come apart and blow about. A man who was sitting nearby helped me retrieve the pages and put them into a nearby trash receptacle before they were all over the place.

I have noticed things like soft drink bottles and cups left behind along Broadway where there are low, stone walls people can sit on. And at Eagle Pharmacy, there are a couple of benches so people can sit and enjoy their slushies and popcorn. I notice a lot of adolescents frequent this place. There are messes on a regular basis.

I don’t blame the owners of Yeti’s, or the Eagle Pharmacy, or the Vail Daily for this problem; in all cases, there are trash containers nearby. It’s the people who are careless with their trash.

To quote from “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”: Who are those guys?

I have taken part in highway cleanups. It’s amazing what you come across when doing that. A lot of it is stuff that must have been thrown out of vehicle windows, so it’s more than just negligence. If you don’t have a bag in the car, put it on the floor until you get home.

For all I know, the schools talk to the kids about this; if they don’t, they should. It’s one issue that all parts of the political spectrum could probably agree on. Maybe have the kids take part in a cleanup drive, so they see what’s out there. I think it made an impression on my kids when they joined me.

Terry Quinn


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