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Our View: Seeking balance at the Vail Daily is real, but it can be difficult

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Our View

Some readers have recently complained that the Vail Daily’s commentary section is “unbalanced,” mostly meaning there isn’t enough commentary from a conservative perspective.

The balance of the commentary section is something that’s always being evaluated by this newspaper’s editorial board. Good civic discourse requires thoughts from several perspectives, whether they’re liberal, conservative, libertarian or … well, it can be hard to tell just what Richard Carnes is on about some weeks (kidding, kidding …).

The Vail Daily’s weekly editorials strive to stake out nonpartisan ground whenever possible. Reader submissions — whether in columns or letters to the editor — are welcome from any reader who wants to contribute.

You’re out there, conservatives, and your voice is welcome in the paper.

All writers, though, have to observe the Vail Daily’s requirements for opinion submissions, primarily, citing your sources.

Writers who make factual assertions have to be able to provide the sources of those claims. The online versions of opinion pieces then provide links to the sources, so readers are able to evaluate claims.

Finding conservative-minded writers has become more difficult over the past few years, as Eagle County’s electorate continues to align more and more with the Democratic Party. The county’s most recent voter registration numbers show there are 29,302 people registered in Eagle County. Of those 44.1 percent are affiliated with no party. Democratic Party registration was 30.1 percent of all voters, and Republicans made up 25.7 percent of the total. Numbers aside, election results have leaned more toward the Democrats over the past decade or so.

The work of fine conservative writers is available via the syndication service we subscribe to, although we rely primarily on the opinions of Jonah Goldberg and Cal Thomas. But the work of finding balance becomes far more difficult in the daily search for editorial cartoons.

Looking through the options available via the Tribune Content Agency, it’s hard to find editorial cartoons that aren’t in some way focused on President Donald Trump. Most of those cartoons take a dim view of the president.

Trump occupies a lot of space in a lot of heads these days, and it particularly shows in the work of many, if not most, Tribune Content Agency cartoonists.

The search for balance in the commentary section is real, although it’s unlikely to make everyone happy. Our readers can help us find at least a semblance of balance by sharing their thoughts. You can email those thoughts — letters for shorter pieces and columns of no more than 650 words — to Vail Daily Editor Krista Driscoll at kdriscoll@vaildaily.com.

The Vail Daily Editorial Board is Publisher Mark Wurzer, Editor Krista Driscoll and Business Editor Scott Miller.

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