Our View: The Vail Daily endorses some candidates, some ballot issues. Here’s why (editorial) | VailDaily.com

Our View: The Vail Daily endorses some candidates, some ballot issues. Here’s why (editorial)

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Our View

Ballots for the Tuesday, Nov. 6, general election were mailed this week to registered voters across the state. It’s a busy ballot.

While Eagle County has only one contested race — for county commissioner in District 3 — there are plenty of other important state and regional races, as well as a good number of local ballot issues.

As in years past, the Vail Daily will endorse some candidates and issues. It’s a short list, for a couple of reasons.

First, our newspaper doesn’t endorse in a race unless candidates have come in for interviews with our editorial board. Second, given the time available, it simply isn’t feasible to talk to everyone about every race or issue.

That leads to a question: Why endorse anyone or any issue?

No one on this staff pretends to be any kind of thought-leading oracle. But Vail Daily Editorial Board members do talk to a lot of candidates and issue representatives during an election season. That’s not something most voters can do.

The Vail Daily’s endorsements are based on those conversations, attendance at candidate forums and other stuff a lot of folks don’t necessarily have time to do.

Vail Daily endorsements aren’t intended as anything but suggestions based on coverage of people and events. The hope is that voters will use this newspaper’s recommendations as one more piece of information in making their own decisions.

Endorsing candidates or issues over time can be humbling. There are times when voters agree with the Vail Daily’s recommendations, and there are times voters choose another path.

There are also times when there are some pretty vigorous internal discussions about endorsements of candidates and issues. Those disagreements are generally resolved without too much grumbling.

This year, the Vail Daily will endorse two candidate races and six ballot issues:

• Avon Town Council: This is an important election for the town. There are eight candidates — including two incumbents — running for four seats. The town is in the process of hiring a town manager, and there are some big, potentially expensive decisions to be made on several issues. The four people elected will have a big influence on the future of the town.

• Eagle County commissioner: This is the only contested county race this year. The number of people who live in Eagle-Vail, Edwards and other unincorporated areas would add up to the county’s biggest town. The commissioners also set policy for the area’s transit system, airport, trails and more. It’s an important job.

• The county is asking voters to extend the current property tax dedicated to open space. That’s a pretty big deal.

• The fire districts that serve residents in and around Eagle and Gypsum are asking voters for relief from revenue declines due to the state’s Gallagher Amendment. That’s also a big deal.

• Colorado Mountain College is also asking for Gallagher relief, and the town of Minturn is asking voters to impose a use tax on building materials. Avon will also ask voters if they desire to create an additional tax on cigarettes. 

As this newspaper weighs in on those subjects, the hope is voters can make more informed decisions based, in part, on recommendations published in these pages.

When casting a ballot, more information is always better.

The Vail Daily Editorial Board is Publisher Mark Wurzer, Editor Krista Driscoll, Assistant Editor Ross Leonhart and Business Editor Scott Miller.

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