“Paradise” and the “Berlaimont Estates” is actually Berry Creek Road (letter) | VailDaily.com

“Paradise” and the “Berlaimont Estates” is actually Berry Creek Road (letter)

Eagle Valley locals: There have been two articles in the Vail Daily recently concerning the proposed paving of the Berry Creek trail. The first excellent article by Peter Hart in Friday’s paper (commentary, March 2) was headlined “Don’t pave paradise for sprawl in the backcountry.” The second (Sunday, March 4,) read “Berlaimont Estates comments due by Monday, March 12.

Locals, you need to know that “Paradise” and the “Berlaimont Estates” refers to what we all know as Berry Creek.

This trail that so many of us love to hike, bike and walk our dogs on public lands is being considered to be paved for 5-plus miles to improve access for 19 proposed “estates” completely surrounded by National Forest.

Please contact the National Forest office in Minturn and tell them not allow one of the remaining few unpaved roads left in our valley to be sacrificed to this senseless urban sprawl. Comments must be submitted by Monday, March 12. Contact: Matt Klein at 970-827-5182 or matthewklein@fs.fed.us.

It also wouldn’t hurt to call your Eagle County Commissioners (970-328-8605) and leave them a message saying that the proposed Berlaimont Estates development is not a “reasonable use” and that the county should make that clear to the U.S. Forest Service in comments it files with the agency.

Thank you for taking action,

Bill Wezwick


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