Phil Weiser for attorney general, for a changing world and for Colorado (letter) |

Phil Weiser for attorney general, for a changing world and for Colorado (letter)

Once again, Coloradans living in Eagle County will receive a ballot with candidates running for national, state and local offices, plus numerous ballot initiatives. In previous elections, many voters did not fill out their ballots below the “red line,” meaning any office other the one at the top of the ballot.

I urge you to start at the bottom and vote the whole ballot. And when you come to the line for attorney general, vote for Phil Weiser.

The Colorado attorney general, with an office of more than 300 attorneys, is the chief legal officer for the state. This office is responsible for protecting the rights of Coloradans.

The state attorneys general have also become critical in providing a check on the federal government and presidential power. The state attorneys general have challenged the Muslim ban and sued to save DACA. The Republican state attorneys general have sued to overturn the Affordable Care Act. Over the past few administrations, state attorneys general have altered the balance of power between states and the federal government.

We need an attorney general in Colorado who will fight for the residents of our state, not only locally and statewide but also nationally. We need someone in this position who is smart and thoughtful and has national stature. We need someone who has experience managing a large number of employees. And that person is Phil Weiser.

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Ignore the negative ads claiming that Phil doesn’t have the experience for this position. The job of attorney general is not to try criminal cases. The job is to lead the office, manage the attorneys who try the cases, develop regulations, negotiate contracts and advise the state about a variety of legal issues. Phil has the breadth of experience and the judgment to do all of those well.

Phil clerked for Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Byron White, worked in both the Clinton and Obama administrations and is the former dean of the University of Colorado Law School. He led the Innovation and Entrepreneurship initiative at CU Boulder, so he brings to the office not only the needed experience but also a worldview that promotes innovation. He will protect our land, water and air, the rule of law, our Constitutional rights and will fight for opportunities for all Coloradans.

I could tell you all of Phil’s positions on consumer protection, criminal justice, defending our land, air and water, education, gun safety, health care, immigration, women’s right and more. But, I urge you to take a few minutes and go to and read about the areas that concern you the most. Phil has thoughtful and specific positions on all of these issues.

This is an important position. Let’s make sure that the person who fills it is the right person for this time, for a changing world and for Colorado. Please join me in voting for Phil Weiser.

Graeme Bush


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