Please vote ‘yes’ on 1A to continue open space tax; it’s why we live here (letter) |

Please vote ‘yes’ on 1A to continue open space tax; it’s why we live here (letter)

Natural landscapes sustain us: They make us happier, healthier and calmer. Our open spaces, mountains, valleys and rivers are what brought us and our families here and are why we stay.

Have you hiked or biked on Miller Ranch Open Space? Watched the elk or seen a bald eagle there? Or appreciated the access to the water at the Eagle River Preserve? Have you enjoyed the red, rocky views as you drive between Edwards and Eagle or the beautiful ranch lands as you enter Glenwood Canyon? What about all those great boat ramps on the Colorado River? And I know we are all excited to fish, hike and explore the new Hardscrabble project in Eagle. Thank you, Eagle County Open Space Department, for all these wonderful community assets.

Those are just a few of the projects that have been made possible by the open space mill levy that we have here in Eagle County. With these funds, Eagle County can buy property, turning it into public land for recreation, as well as buy development rights from private property to strategically conserve our scenic vistas and open ranges. Let’s all vote “yes” on 1A to continue this important legacy.

Please join me in voting “yes” on 1A, and visit Thank you for your support!

Adriana Bombard


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