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Powell’s last meeting routine


On the Wednesday before the latest fourth Tuesday of the month, several Eagle Town Board members and staff were appreciative of learning more during an informative tour of the High Altitude Aviation Training Site in Gypsum.

At the latest meeting at 200 Broadway, there was no public comment to start the evening. But there were a few changes to the prior meeting minutes before the transfer of ownership of Sweet Water’s liquor license was approved 6-0 with one trustee absent.

Two land use hearings were scheduled next. The first one, a special use permit for Eagle Valley Pet Hospital, took a lot less time than the next file, Kum & Go. However, not much of the project was discussed for this file, as there were some communication issues with the staff, board and applicant related to an expert staff had hired. This file was continued until June 25 with the hopes that many of the citizens who showed up for this hearing will return.

Decisions, ordinances, resolutions and motions were next with a few comments and approvals for an emergency ordinance concerning discounted water and sewer plant investment fees to stimulate business activity, an amendment to animal control and an agreement to engage Peck, Shaffer and Williams LLP, serving as bond counsel for water enterprise bond refinancing.

The professional service agreement for consulting services provided by Willy Powell to the town after his tenure as town manager ends was discussed and continued for further review at the next hearing. The realignment of the pool and ice rink trail also needs further review, starting with a cultural assessment for $4,000, which was approved 6-0.

A reappointment of Phil Frank and Scott Turnipseed to the Eagle Ranch Housing Corp., was done before discussion of the Grand Avenue Project related to the seeding and cones. For Willy Powell’s final meeting, the manager items included handing out financial information for review, as well as an emotional thank you to the town.

Attorney items started with a change in special event liquor licenses, which will save money for the applicants. The Century Link franchise agreement update was provided and the upcoming issue of retail marijuana was briefly mentioned.

Possible future agenda items and board discussion were plentiful. These included a bike adventure on the Haymeadow Trail of one trustee, changing of the process of liquor licenses and a question on information provided in the packet, CML updates, a few thanks to Willy Powell for his tenure as manager, the Screaming Eagle golf tourney, special use permits, time estimates on the agenda along with some concerns with how meetings are run, Obamacare, an update on the Eby Creek project and a request to understand staff schedule changes related to the marketing, town clerk, finance and planning positions.

If you want to see if the Kum & Go file progresses, plan on attending the June 25 hearing. Or if you want to see the first meeting run by the new town manager, Jon Stavney, plan on attending this Tuesday at 6 p.m.

Also, if you have any thoughts about running for one of the three seats up for grabs in April 2014, check out my personal blog to see what your adventure might be like at http://www.brandionboard.wordpress.com.

See y’all at Town Hall!

Brandi Resa is a Town Board member. Her views are not necessarily shared by others on the board.

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