Prince, Thuon and Andrade would bring fresh perspectives to Avon Town Council (letter) |

Prince, Thuon and Andrade would bring fresh perspectives to Avon Town Council (letter)

Avon’s Town Council would benefit from some fresh perspectives on the town’s priorities and financial decisions. Public safety and making sure the town’s infrastructure is well maintained should be at the top of the list.

Responsible spending has been lacking, as can be evidenced by serious cost overruns, as well as extended timelines for finishing various projects — the stage, buying and finishing the Skier Building (after voters rejected the plan), the streetscape and more.

There are several candidates who have expressed similar concerns and a willingness to focus their efforts to change course. They include several we are supporting: incumbent Scott Prince, as well as newcomers Chico Thuon and Russell Andrade. All are well informed on the current issues and have illustrated a willingness to more tightly manage the taxpayer revenues, as well as to look to for creative and cost-effective ways to address key local priorities.

One proposal we do not support is spending taxpayer monies to move the Hahnewald barn. Early projections estimate costs to be $6 million-plus to move and repurpose this structure. If this proposal follows recent trends, it will rise significantly above this figure. Two elements for voters to consider: First, shouldn’t this project be privately funded? And two, couldn’t $6 million-plus be better spent on investments such as encouraging public/private development of entry-level housing, wildfire mitigation efforts, etc.?

An example of a change that would put your money back into your pockets is eliminating the current Real Estate Transfer Tax (RETT) — or reducing the same. Not only would the cost of housing, for owners as well as renters, be reduced, but the value of property may well rise in Avon, as it will be more attractive for people to consider buying here. The RETT is a disincentive for buying property in Avon.

There are stark contrasts across this group of candidates, and we hope you will join us in voting for those who share our views on making fiscal responsibility a positive change to Avon’s future.


Pam and Peter Warren


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