Proposed ‘boarding house’ not a good fit for the Eagle-Vail community (letter) |

Proposed ‘boarding house’ not a good fit for the Eagle-Vail community (letter)

‘Boarding house’ not a good fit

Dear neighbors: On Wednesday, Dec. 5, an application by Mr. Robert Warner will come before the Eagle County Land Use Board to convert his commercial building “Warner Building” at the corner of U.S. Highway 6 and Eagle Road into a high-density “boarding house” with 35 rooms, communal bathrooms and a shared kitchen.

This nonconforming commercial building built in 1976 is 12 feet wall to wall from the closest neighboring duplex at 0331 Larkspur Lane in Eagle-Vail. It has operated from its construction to present date as quiet office/commercial space.

Mr. Warner now wants to convert the structure into what he is calling “workforce housing.” As can be seen on his application, his proposal calls for tiny rooms to be rented short term. He is proposing that the commercial building (Building 1) adjacent to the main Building 2 on the property be converted in the same manner.

This could make the head count as high as 70 or more living on this property. You may review the complete application under the current land-use applications on the Eagle County website. FYI, Mr. Warner is chairman of the zoning board of adjustment.

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The following real issues of this extremely high-density housing are of grave concern:

1. The real and very considerable loss of property values for the surrounding neighbors.

2. Introduction of a transient population with no ties to the community.

3. The potential for crime and substance abuse.

4. High-volume traffic on a road to a school where families with small children live.

5. High fire danger so close to the neighboring houses. (“Boarding house” residents should not be doing their own cooking in communal kitchens or in their small rooms.) There is no access to the back of the building in case of fire.

6. The loss of the Eagle-Vail community’s right to peace, quiet and quality of life.

7. Twenty-four-hour light and noise pollution from workers with round-the-clock shifts.

8. Smoking on a property only a few feet away from surrounding neighbors.

9. The unsightly mess caused by lack of storage and parking directly behind the Eagle-Vail sign at the main entrance to the building.

There is no other area in the community of Eagle-Vail and probably not in any other part of the Vail Valley where this many transient residents reside on so small a property so close to the surrounding neighbors. I am a proud member of the Eagle-Vail community and have watched it grow into a safe place to work, live and play. We are members of the Vail Valley workforce. Please don’t allow this land-use application to pass and ruin the property values and quality of life of the Eagle-Vail residents.

Please write to Mr. Cliff Simonton at and voice your concerns.

Thank you,

Darlene Daugherty


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