Proposition 112, a family’s perspective (letter) |

Proposition 112, a family’s perspective (letter)

Thank you, Vail Daily, for sharing articles about the 13 statewide measures on this years’ ballot. After reading the article on Proposition 112, I wanted to share a link to an Oct. 18 article from the Christian Science Monitor that further illustrates the issue.

The article describes a family’s experience of continuous noise, terrible fumes and odors, which meant they couldn’t open windows, and their inability to do anything about it. Another mother referenced in the article listed her main concerns as health and safety and shared examples of explosions and dispersion of benzene, a colorless flammable liquid. She indicated two of their schools are going to be doing active explosion evacuation drills because of the fracking in the area.

Families and communities have tried to deal with limits on fracking at the local level, and the oil and gas industry has prevailed. It is a powerful lobby that according to the article in the Monitor has spent in excess of $30 million trying to defeat Proposition 112. Colorado Rising, a grassroots organization supporting Proposition 112, has spent $700,000 primarily to get the measure on the ballot.

Proposition 112 is described by one mother in the article as a way to give families a voice on how close new wells can be placed to homes and other vulnerable areas. It should be noted the 2,500 feet setback only applies to new wells and not the more than 50,000 active oil and gas wells already in existence.

If you were in this situation where an oil and gas well was going to be drilled within 500 feet of your home, wouldn’t you want a voice?

Jacci McKenna


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