Raid on personal lawyer’s home a coup d’etat against President Donald Trump (letter) |

Raid on personal lawyer’s home a coup d’etat against President Donald Trump (letter)

Dear editor: The raid on President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer’s home and office on April 9, 2018, seemingly violating all the rules on attorney-client privilege, appears to be nothing more than a nonviolent coup d’etat against the president.

Trump was No. 15 on my list of Republican candidates to vote for. Obviously, there was no way I was voting for Hillary Clinton, who appeared to violate her Secretary of State agreement and appeared to obstruct justice by eliminating reportedly 30,000 emails on a private server she supposedly was not to use for government business. I’m still waiting for her to be prosecuted.

I get a little tired of hearing from the left that collusion is a crime, if it is not. That’s misleading.

I also get tired of hearing that Trump appointed several Republican attorneys in the Justice Department, Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller, etc., and therefore since they have had a year-long investigation of Trump, anything they do that makes the president look poorly is acceptable because they are Republicans.

Years ago, I researched and wrote the story of about 100 attorneys in Eagle County, and I reported that 92 of them were registered Democrats. Of the eight Republicans left that I researched, I sincerely doubted that most of them were conservatives, rather I believed them to be moderates, with one exception.

Former Vail Councilman Dr. Tom Steinberg was registered as a Republican, but I always challenged him about this, since his actions spoke louder than his words, and in my opinion, he acted like a Democrat. Finally, at a Democrat caucus that I covered at the town of Vail in 1988, then local Democrat Party chairman Ken Sortland told me that Tom is really a Democrat but registers Republican to wreak havoc on the local Republican Party.

I suspect that most of the so-called Republican attorneys related to the Trump investigation are similar to Dr. Sternberg, in that they may be registered Republicans, but they really do that to wreak havoc on the Republican Party, as well. Hey, locally former County Judge Katherine Sullivan, who acted like a Democrat, reportedly has now gone to work for the Trump Administration. I rest my case!

Regardless, whatever political party they are from, Special Prosecutor Mueller better have legitimate “probable cause” to raid President Trump’s personal lawyer’s home and office, or he should face prosecution for this effort.

Donald Trump is no choirboy; I get that. But, I warn Democrats that if the attorney-client privilege can be busted in this case, it sets precedent that it can be used against Democrats in the future.

If there is no legitimate “probable cause,” and whether the president is impeached or not, as I suspect most Democrats would like to see, I can’t wait to see how much the more conservative Vice President Mike Pence will be, if he accedes to the presidency.

Democrats: Be careful what you wish for. Ha!


Michael Cacioppo


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