Re-elect Daniels, Watts and Jacobson to Eagle-Vail POA board (letter) |

Re-elect Daniels, Watts and Jacobson to Eagle-Vail POA board (letter)

The mail-in election of directors to the 1,447 member Eagle-Vail Property Owners Association is pending. Members should send in their ballots promptly before the deadline on Monday, Feb. 12 at 5 p.m. Half of Eagle-Vail properties are owned by non-residents that may need time for their ballots to arrive by mail or overnight courier.

Many letters have appeared in your paper supporting the re-election of Judd Watts, Jake Jacobson, and myself. Combined, we are property owners in Eagle-Vail for over 70 years. We understand the concerns of second homeowners and full-time residents first hand. We know what makes Eagle-Vail great, and our challenges.

When we volunteered for the board in 2016, we were elected by a significant majority. We promised to lower costs, maintain amenities, improve management and curtail the questionable practice of transferring funds to the Metro District. We kept those promises with results.

It is also important to understand the remaining challenges facing Eagle-Vail. Confusion and doubts have been created in Eagle-Vail by others that offer misinformation and limited integrity. One obscure group promotes new board members with limited experience, knowledge and an interest in past flawed practices.

Looking ahead, Eagle-Vail leaders must confront divisiveness head-on. The solution to divisiveness is effective communication, integrity, accountability, and, building a consensus for shared goals. New community association managers should be supported to realize the full potential of Eagle-Vail. The annual cost savings and dues reductions with new management should not be squandered.

The Eagle-Vail Metro District has a large impact on our property owners. Structural deficits in the Metro District are one of the major challenges facing Eagle-Vail. These deficits must be addressed without increasing property taxes. We promote collaboration with the Metro District while respecting the distinct legal responsibilities of each organization. Metro District staff should be “right sized.” Maintenance expenses must be prioritized. Creative marketing should be used to increase the user fees and revenues from golf, pool and other facilities.

We want to continue leading Eagle-Vail. We will continue to represent property owners with thoughtfulness, experience and integrity. Our property owners deserve leaders working to increase the value of their homes and a high quality of life. Judd Watts, Jake Jacobson and I will work toward realizing these goals. We would be honored to have your support for two more years.

Stephen Daniels

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