Results matter in Eagle-Vail this year; so do your votes, due Feb. 12 (letter) |

Results matter in Eagle-Vail this year; so do your votes, due Feb. 12 (letter)

Results matter; so does your vote

We wanted to thank the community of Eagle-Vail for their support. My colleagues, Jake Jacobson, Steve Daniels and I wanted to remind you how important your vote is right now to the Eagle-Vail community and to the investments in our homes. You will want to be sure to mail in or hand-deliver your ballots soon, before the Monday, Feb. 12 deadline at 5 p.m.

Opponents to re-elect our current board would like to roll back the progress we have made in just short two years. If just one opponent is elected, then the “smiley face” supporters have said they want to see:

• Increased dues from $150 to $335 again. Perhaps higher.

• Retain the $200,000 surplus that is being returned to property owners now.

• Cancel agreements with new community managers and reverse $100,00 per year savings.

• Return to an annual practice of a $200,000 transfer of funds from the Eagle-Vail Property Owners Association to the Eagle-Vail Metropolitan District without an option for voter approval.

• Re-package and re-brand (5A) the $11 million clubhouse for the valley floor (a $20 million total debt service paid by owners over 30 years).

Just this past week, the Metro District appears to be headed toward another delay in the finish and opening of the tennis building by spring. Do you see a sense of urgency here? View the tennis discussion at http://www.HighFive about an hour into the video.

We have been delighted to see so many letters of support in the Vail Daily and yet opposition supporters have led a negative campaign of disinformation, particularly on social media. To correct the record:

• We have never suggested that the two boards should not continue to meet and collaborate together. To the contrary, the Eagle-Vail Property Owners provide the largest contribution to our parks and recreational budget in the way of property taxes and user fees. Property owners’ interests deserve to be represented in Metro District decisions.

• Contrary to opponents’ statements, the POA has not “put the squeeze” on the EVMD. Our first obligation and our fiduciary responsibilities are to the Eagle-Vail property owners. The owners’ property values are intrinsically tied to the success of EVMD golf, pavilion, tennis, pool, parks, trails and ball fields.

• EVMD operational deficits can be resolved by addressing administration overhead, improved revenue opportunities for golf, pavilion, swim facilities and food and beverage. As the EVMD delivers value to owners and the public, revenues will increase and the willingness to contribute in the way of taxes and assessments will improve rapidly.

• We supported two revenue initiatives that came very close to passing. Both were supported unanimously by all five EVPOA board members including the 2018 budget that reflects the savings to property owners this year and beyond.

We continue support the EVMD in a variety of ways. We now have the chance to hold a couple of community events this upcoming week to celebrate a refurbished Eagle-Vail Golf Clubhouse, ready for rental as event space, including a new dance floor. We will also demonstrate new high definition audio-visual equipment to enhance the experience for both the clubhouse and the pavilion as the community cheers on Mikaela Shiffrin to another victory in this year’s Olympics.

Please mail or deliver your ballots today to re-elect: Jake Jacobson, Steve Daniels and me, Judd Watts.

Judd Watts


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