Roberts: A record of results for Eagle County (column) |

Roberts: A record of results for Eagle County (column)

Dylan Roberts
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Dylan Roberts
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Editor’s note: Per the Vail Daily’s election guidelines, each candidate running to represent constituents in the newspaper’s distribution area has been given the option to submit one column to present his or her election platform.

House District 26, Eagle County and Routt County, has been my home for almost my life. I grew up in Steamboat Springs and now am lucky to live in Eagle County. It has been an honor to serve as the state representative for this district, and I look forward to continuing to serve for two more years.

Here’s why: Colorado is changing. Our state is growing. People want to live in Colorado to enjoy its natural beauty, open their businesses and start their families here. In our mountain communities, especially, we must put forth a concerted effort to ensure that our seniors can stay here, new families can get their start here and our working class can make a home here, all while protecting the natural beauty of our part of the country.

Ever since I began serving as your state representative, I have worked to achieve results that prepare Colorado for the future and make people’s lives better. I passed six bills during the 2018 legislative session — every single one of them was bipartisan. These included a bill to help Colorado Mountain College free up financial resources.

I passed a bill to help rural towns in the face of an economic downturn. I also passed a bill based on a problem faced by a constituent in Eagle County: 9-year-old Quintin Lovato, who has epilepsy who was not able to get his seizure medicine at school because state law prohibited it. We wrote a bill to change the law, Quintin came to the Capitol to testify, it passed, was signed by the governor and when Quintin started school this year, he was able to get the medicine he needs.

On the issues most important to this district — the cost of health insurance, affordable housing and protecting our environment — I have emerged as a bipartisan coalition-builder. I wrote a bill that would bring badly needed competition into the health insurance market by creating a public option or a health insurance co-op to give you choice and lower your premiums, and it passed the House with a large bipartisan majority.

I displayed the same bipartisan leadership with efforts to make the state can be a better partner for local efforts around affordable housing, protecting our clean water and taking on the outrageous increase in prescription drug costs.

With every vote I take and every bill I co-sponsor, I have your concerns in mind. I have held 16 town halls across these two counties and truly listen to what is important to you. My cellphone is 970-846-3054 and email is — be in touch anytime.

In the face of partisan dysfunction in D.C., our state legislature should be a place where productive governing can get done, and Colorado has an opportunity to lead the nation. In order to do this, we need representatives who study the issues, base their legislation in facts and have the experience of reaching across the aisle to get results.

I am the only candidate in this race who does not just talk about our challenges but has specific ideas and a track record of results for Eagle and Routt counties. I will continue this effective action as your state representative.

When I step into the Capitol every day, I am humbled to represent this beautiful district that I am lucky to call home. It is an honor to serve you, and I would be grateful for the opportunity to continue serving for two more years.

Dylan Roberts is a candidate for representative of House District 26. Learn more at https://

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