Roberts brings intelligence, poise and positivity to the state legislature (letter) |

Roberts brings intelligence, poise and positivity to the state legislature (letter)

I attended the recent 2018 Candidate’s Forum at Colorado Mountain College, where we were treated to side-by-side discussions between our candidates for state representative, state senator and Eagle County commissioner.

The three democrats (Dylan Roberts, Kerry Donovan and Jeanne McQueeney) each displayed an impressive depth of knowledge around the issues facing Eagle County and offered approaches to solving these issues that were thoughtful, based on an analysis of all the facts and crafted with the express expectation that they would need to work with others to keep things moving forward to help our county. I encourage you to vote for each of them.

I wanted to highlight in particular the performance of Dylan Roberts. We all know of his impressive accomplishments as our state representative over the past year, including being the lead sponsor on six nonpartisan bills signed into law and being named one of the “Fabulous Five” top lawmakers by Conservation Colorado.

What we learned at this forum was that he really knows the issues facing our community (partly but not only because he grew up in Routt County and now lives and works in Eagle), he has studied the laws of our state and thinks about how they can and sometimes should be improved to best help our community, and he communicates all of this information with intelligence, poise and without any negativity.

We would be very lucky as a community to have him representing us for two more years in the Colorado Legislature, where he can continue to propose and pass laws that directly benefit us.

Carole Sowers


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