Rodeos are the torturing of animals for human enjoyment, are they not? (letter) |

Rodeos are the torturing of animals for human enjoyment, are they not? (letter)

Rodeos are cruel to animals

I am writing in hopes that someone can set me straight on the topic of rodeos. Having grown up a farm kid, I am pretty sure that rodeos are the torturing of animals for human enjoyment, are they not?

I am sure the sheep trying to run away from having kids on their backs are experiencing fear and/or terror. The same goes for the calves being chased by people on horseback and then being roped, slammed to the ground and hogtied. I don’t want to leave out how the bull might feel about being ridden or the unbroken horse bucking like crazy in fear and trying to displace the person riding them against their will.

I understand that this has been a part of culture for many years, but as we evolve, shouldn’t we not be using an animal’s terror for our own enjoyment? How is that enjoyable … especially for the animals?

Please, before you support this cruelty by paying to witness it take place at a live rodeo, try to remember that you are supporting animal abuse by attending. Yes, cows, horses, bulls, sheep all experience emotions like fear, and they experience it in very high levels at rodeos.

Here’s an idea. How about replacing the cruel portions of rodeo with games that the animals might actually enjoy, as well? Or that at least keep them from being terrorized. Barrel racing, horse racing, trick roping of things other than live animals, clown acts, petting zoos all seem like much more entertaining choices versus terrorizing an animal for laughs or trophies.

With the realization now that circuses have been mistreating animals for the very same reason, isn’t the next step to end the torture of animals at rodeos? Please do the right thing and help to either shut the rodeos down or force them to replace the inhumane portions of them. The animals can’t speak for themselves, so we must.

Ross Woodward


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