Sanford: Going with the flow when it comes to interior design

Nancy Sanford
On Interior Design

One of the most important, and exciting, aspects of interior design is fluidity.

What do we mean by that? Think big picture. Moving furniture to an unexpected place, changing the dynamics of the whole interior.

When buying pieces of furniture, we tend to visualize them in a specific area but that’s not always the best strategy. Look at the home in its entirety. Each furnishing is a piece of the puzzle.

I guess it’s OK if you just want to place it somewhere and not think about it. But the flow of your interior space is critical to your pleasure and comfort, even if you don’t consciously realize this. Fluidity keeps you engaged with your home’s interior design and individuality.

You can a get fresh perspective just by moving around the existing pieces. It creates excitement and encourages creativity. Working with new furnishings is an ongoing experience, not just a one-time purchase.

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I am not talking about conforming to the latest trend. This is about enjoying what you bought and gaining the fullest appreciation possible. Making it a new and exciting part of your home — and your life.

This can go well beyond moving pillows, art and accessories. Think outside the box. Maybe you never thought of that nightstand as a side table or the entry chest in the living room as a focal point with a painting above it. It can be a fun, and inexpensive, project for do-it-yourselfers.

You can a get fresh perspective just by moving around the existing pieces. It creates excitement and encourages creativity.
Nancy Sanford | Special to the Daily

How about moving that Ottoman in front of the sofa, or switching your nightstand lamps with the living room fixtures? Or rotate your sofa so it faces the view rather than the other sofa. Rotate the dining table. Simple positional changes can breathe new life into a home.

Tinkering with fluidity increases your awareness, keeps life exciting, and makes you happy to see new colors and new shapes. We’re spending more time at home than ever before. Why not enjoy a new layout … that you designed.

It may sound self-serving (and probably is) but the best way to get started with fluidity is to work with an interior designer. An experienced design professional can help you appreciate what you have in your home and what you can do to infuse your personality into it.

An interior designer can give you the “courage” to be bold, to move pieces around and discover why you love them. People tend to be fond of furnishings for their proportion, color, material and texture. There’s more, though.

Like seeing pieces in a whole new light. For example, moving a pillow can change the balance of an entire room. Rotating a rug can bring new life to a space.

I was recently hired to redesign a home that had been previously redecorated. It just didn’t work for the homeowner.

We added four pieces of furniture and three accessories, then moved around lamps, pillows, a chest and a sofa. We blended a bedroom set with another bedroom, and relocated a big artwork collection. The result was a whole new feel. The client said it felt like a fresh breeze washed over the entire home.

Fluidity means being open to new ideas and, most importantly, having fun!

Nancy Sanford is an interior designer working in Colorado Rocky Mountains, Denver and beyond. She can be reached at you can view samples of her work at

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