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School Views: Do your research and vote

Philip Qualman
School Views

On Nov. 2, the Eagle County School District will have five School Board Director seats on the ballot, one each for districts A, B, E, F and G. The terms for the current directors in districts C and D are not up at this time, and board members Dr. Ted Long and Lucila Tvarkunas will remain on the board for another two years.

As a former civics teacher, I understand the importance of elections and recognize that voting is one of the cornerstones of our democracy. Therefore, I want to take this opportunity to encourage voters to do some research, educate yourselves on the candidates running for these five seats, ensure your voter registration is up to date, and most importantly, get out and vote.

Eagle County School District has 11 candidates in total running for five open seats. There are two candidates each for districts A, E, F and G, and three for District B. All school board directors are voted on at-large, meaning all Eagle County residents vote for each district regardless of their physical address and resulting home district. Eagle County community members determine the five directors who will sit on our next Board of Education.

All 11 individuals who have thrown their hats into the ring are doing so of their own volition, willing to donate their own time for the betterment of our children. I encourage you to take the time to learn about each of the candidates, their campaign platforms and values. Let whether their messages resonate with you or not help guide your decision-making. Please remember to be neighborly and practice civility and kindness as candidates campaign for board seats.

Eagle County School District will continue to provide the electorate with as much information as possible. We recently shared a series of five questions with each candidate, and their responses can be reviewed on our website in English and Spanish. These answers were also shared with local media outlets.

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We will also be hosting a candidate forum Oct. 7, and all candidates have been invited to participate. The “meet and greet” style forum will begin at 6:30 p.m. in the Homestake Peak School Auditorium and is open to Eagle County community members that are interested in getting to know the candidates running for the school district’s available Board of Education seats. The forum will feature a panel setting moderated by Rohn Robbins, attorney with Caplan & Earnest LLC. Robbins proved himself to be an impartial and professional moderator for a previous Eagle County School District board candidate forum, and we appreciate his willingness to help the district through the process again.

The forum will have two rounds of questions, a moderator round and an audience questions round. For the audience questions round, those in attendance will have the opportunity to submit questions at the beginning of the forum, and similar questions will be combined in the interest of time. A detailed explanation of the forum agenda can be found on the Eagle County School District website.

Eagle County School District is hosting this forum for you. It is truly an opportunity for our community to learn what positions candidates hold on various subjects and better inform themselves as they go to cast their vote. Please take advantage of this opportunity and attend if you’re able. If you don’t have the chance to join us on the evening of Oct. 7, we will be recording the event and posting it shortly thereafter for members of the public to watch on their own time. The recording will also be subtitled soon after the forum.

Most importantly, mark your calendars. Nov. 2 is your opportunity to truly exercise one of our most basic and vital rights as Americans: the right to vote.

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