School Views: Nothing but gratitude |

School Views: Nothing but gratitude

Just when I think that I couldn’t be prouder to be part of Eagle County Schools, an organization that values people, learning, and compassion, or that I couldn’t be prouder to live in a place that cares for and supports one another, something unprecedented happens, and my heart swells, overwhelmed by our capacity for caring and empathy.

The ongoing global health crisis is uncharted territory for us all. The extraordinary effort expended by all sectors of our community for the common good reaffirms my belief that our valley is a remarkable place to call home. 

Speaking on behalf of the Board of Education for Eagle County Schools, I once again feel compelled to publicly express deep gratitude to this community for the genuine love and support that pours out in times of need. We will face challenges as we embark on our first foray into e-Learning. Patience and perseverance will be essential to our success. Collaboration and cooperation between families, teachers, and students are critical. Local businesses, neighbors, and service providers play an important role as well. Now, as never before, teamwork and tenacity are required.

Lessons are being posted online. School lunches are being distributed. Child care is being provided for essential service workers. Families are faced with challenges. Teachers and students will have technology issues to work through. Self-discipline and creativity will be necessary. Working together one day at a time with a focus on learning and compassion, we will prevail and come out stronger on the other side.

In the face of a changing world, we must work together to find solutions to new challenges. Patience and calm in the face of uncertainty will help us find the path forward. We will have to dig deep and put our best selves forward. I thank you all for being part of the solution, for your kindness to others, for making Eagle County a remarkable place to live. 

Kate Cocchiarella is the board president for Eagle County Schools. Email her at

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