School Views: The home stretch |

School Views: The home stretch

Philip Qualman
School Views

At the end of last school year, I wrote a column commenting on the belief that the 2021-22 school year would be back to business as usual. Despite a few speed bumps along the way, we’ve been fortunate to experience a school year closer to “normal” than our previous two.

Five days of in-person instruction and after-school activities, clubs and sports in full swing to support the academic, social and emotional well-being of our students and staff. I am eternally grateful for the Eagle County School District community that has made this possible.

This school year has not been without its pandemic-related challenges, but just as we are transitioning into an endemic phase of COVID-19, so too are we turning a final corner and heading into the home stretch of our academic calendar. We’re roughly eight and a half months into this school year. That’s nearly 30 weeks of instructional collaboration with students growing, learning and succeeding with the guidance of their teachers. That’s something to celebrate, like the rare spring snow day we had earlier this week.

As we head into the final break of the school year, I encourage staff members and students to take stock of how far we’ve come. Reflect and take pride in your accomplishments. Enjoy this well-earned week off from classes and take time to engage in the activities that recharge you.

Whether that’s skiing some springtime slush, finding dry hiking trails or just relishing the time with family, friends or yourself, have fun and relax this April break.

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Then, take a deep breath and return ready to make the final charge to the last day of school. Warmer weather and the buzz of summer plans can be an enticing distraction, but our finish line is in sight. When we return from break, we have only 27 days with our students before we release them for the summer.

So remind yourself and your child(ren) to take this time to rest and come back prepared to finish the school year strong. As this school year wraps up, we will continue to use the lessons learned and experience gained to shape future plans. I look forward to upcoming graduation and commencement ceremonies, and eagerly await the warmer days of summer.

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