Sen. Gardner, please join Sen. Bennet in support of public lands and local businesses (letter) |

Sen. Gardner, please join Sen. Bennet in support of public lands and local businesses (letter)

For those of us in Colorado’s mountain towns, sometimes we get tired of the news coming out of Washington, D.C. So it’s nice to feel proud of one of our leaders. Sen. Michael Bennet understands how vital protected public lands are to Colorado’s economy, to small businesses, to jobs and to our future.

Sen. Bennet is challenging President Trump, who is attempting the largest rollback of public lands protections in U.S. history. Sen. Bennet’s a co-sponsor of the Antiquities Act of 2018, which would ensure that opportunities for hunting, tourism, scientific research, conservation and cultural uses in existing National Monuments are protected for future generations.

Lake County is 80 percent public lands. These lands are economic drivers for nearby communities and for the entire state. Through my business, I’ve invested in my community, I’ve created jobs, and I’ve paid my business taxes. My fellow business owners and I would hate to see that investment undermined by the Trump Administration if they are successful in shrinking and closing monuments and other areas.

Most Coloradans know that public lands help the state’s economy. They understand that people want to be here for our open spaces and outdoor lifestyle.

That’s why we need our other Senator, Cory Gardner, to get on board. For the good of my business, for the future of our local economies, for the stability of jobs in our state, I ask Sen. Gardner to respect the wishes of his constituents and to co-sponsor the Antiquities Act of 2018.

Adam Schuknecht

Owner, City on a Hill Coffee Shop & Roastery, Leadville

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