Sen. Kerry Donovan has my vote for State Senator for District 5 and hopefully your vote also (letter) |

Sen. Kerry Donovan has my vote for State Senator for District 5 and hopefully your vote also (letter)

Sen. Kerry Donovan is a rancher by trade and runs the family’s Copper Bar Ranch in Edwards. Kerry raises Highland cattle and grows her own produce for local restaurants. Kerry has two older brothers, who prepared her for her role in politics and not being intimidated by politicians. In kindergarten, Kerry asked for a meeting with the principal and got it.

Kerry was inspired by her maternal grandfather and his love of the environment and his legacy at looking for solutions and leaving the world better for it. He was the first expert wilderness witness in Congress and spoke for the boundaries he had defined for the Eagles Nest Wilderness. He was in the 10th Mountain Division and served 24 years in the Army. Kerry’s father was a hands-on leader in the early days of Vail and made sure it became a community, as well as a resort. Many of Vail’s traditions started in his head and with his energy.

For Kerry, being a Senator is an honor, and it is about serving the people in her district. It doesn’t matter what party they belong to. She listens to all of them because she knows it takes everyone’s input to get the right answers. Her district is the size of New Jersey, with a mountain range down the middle. She seeks input year-round. She holds town meetings throughout the district.

Prior to serving as State Senator, Kerry has also worked for nonprofits, as an educator and as an archaeologist. Kerry believes every hard-working Coloradan deserves a fair shot to earn the life they want. Kerry added more than $9 million to the state’s budget for the expansion of rural broadband to strengthen rural Colorado’s economy. She has passed the Rural Economic Advancement of Colorado Towns Act to support communities impacted by job loss. She accomplished both with limited funds. Kerry will continue working to create good-paying jobs in rural Colorado.

Kerry wants to protect our air, water and land for the next generation to enjoy. Kerry established Colorado Public Lands Day — the first public lands state holiday in the nation. She blocked attempts to sell off our public lands. Kerry led the charge in the Colorado General Assembly to address climate change.

Kerry believes every child deserves the opportunity to succeed. She is working to provide the resources our educators need and deserve to teach our kids. Kerry is making sure there are many affordable opportunities for every student who wants to go to college, vocational/technical training school or work an apprenticeship.

Kerry believes rural Colorado deserves access to affordable, quality health care. She has written and carried several bills that would have decreased the high cost of health insurance and health care in rural Colorado; however, because we don’t have the majority in the Senate, the bills died.

Kerry ensured tele-health is covered in insurance. We need Kerry’s voice and forward thinking on health care in our mountain towns, as here in Eagle County, we have some of the highest premiums and health care in the entire state of Colorado.

Sen. Kerry Donovan has my vote for State Senator for District 5 and hopefully your vote also.

Linda Carr


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