Should repurposing an old barn be at the top of Avon’s priorities? (letter) |

Should repurposing an old barn be at the top of Avon’s priorities? (letter)

I read with interest and amazement that the town of Avon has spent $120,000 to assess the future of an old barn that has no specific future purpose and no historical value other than being old (“Hahnewald Barn options explored in Avon,” Thursday, Oct. 19). At the same time, I understand the position of those who wish to preserve the history of the valley. With that in mind, I offer a compromise.

With a sense of responsible governance, the Avon Town Council should endeavor to justify another $390,000 to move it to a site that has been highly regarded as an addition to the recreation surrounding Nottingham Lake. Not destroying the barn would meet the goals of the Historical Committee.

Then, once the $510,000 is spent, when and only when the town of Avon can present a balanced budget, prove they have paid for all the street and infrastructure repairs ongoing or on the drawing boards, met all other debt obligations; once kids are no longer taking backpacks of food home so they will have something to eat when their school is closed for weekends and when Avon’s need for affordable housing in met, when the Avon schools are improved and upgraded to the standard we need to produce a high graduation level and when a plan for purposeful use in a site consistent with its surroundings that will serve the community, then — and only then — with a clear eye to the eventual cost, which, according to Anderson Hallas Architects will range from $3.7 million to $5.5 million (those figures are reportedly only one-third of the eventual total cost), and with a sense of good governance, the Avon Town Council should consider spending the money to relocate and retrofit the structure.

That would meet the goals of those who ask why, what for?

Carolyn Teeple Swanepoel


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