Smith Hymes deserves to be re-elected, not publicly attacked by Jake Wolf (letter) |

Smith Hymes deserves to be re-elected, not publicly attacked by Jake Wolf (letter)

Sarah Smith Hymes is one of the hardest working and smartest council members I’ve ever known. She works tirelessly for the residents of Avon and seems to have unlimited energy and passion for public service.

Two years ago, Sarah’s fellow council members elected her as mayor pro tem of Avon. She had earned their respect and votes. Sarah deserves to be re-elected to the council on Tuesday, Nov. 6, because of her effectiveness as an Avon council member and as mayor pro tem.

I was sad to see that Sarah has become yet another Avon woman publicly attacked by Jake Wolf in the Vail Daily (“Smith Hymes accused of using staff for re-election,” Sunday, Oct. 28). Two years ago, Jake’s fellow council members didn’t think he deserved another term as mayor pro tem because he was unenthusiastic about reading council packets, paying attention at meetings or rolling up his sleeves for the citizens of Avon. He’s had a chip on his shoulder ever since.

Jake Wolf should spend more time being a productive council member and less time feuding with his fellow Avon Town Council members and Avon staff. And the Vail Daily should seek quotes and opinions from other people beyond Jake Wolf. It would be nice to hear from many voices in Avon.

Kristi Ferraro

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Resident of Avon and former Town Council member

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