Staufer: Diversity is what makes America beautiful |

Staufer: Diversity is what makes America beautiful

Joe Staufer
Valley Voices

The catastrophic tragedies in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, remind us of the vulnerabilities that exist in our world. Those vulnerabilities are connected to issues related to mental health and/or domestic terrorism.  The uncompromising attitudes of hate held by these perpetrators against our human race do not represent the values of humanity.   

While our neighboring communities begin to heal from these tragic events, we remain firmly committed to the American Dream and the importance of diversity in our great nation. The vast majority of our communities align with an understanding of the human element and remain committed to the essential power of diversity, to include the energy, talent and creativity that so many of our immigrants bring to our great nation. Vibrant and progressive diversity nourishes our communities and is what makes America great!   

Let’s not be duped by the actions of these cowards to further ideologies of fear, hate, or anti-immigrant rhetoric. Instead, focus on the strength and unity of our great nation, founded upon participatory democracy and commitment to a thriving, pluralistic society.  The vitality, determination and resilience of all those pursuing the American Dream will not be overshadowed by cowardly acts of hate.

Joe Staufer is the chief of the Eagle Police Department.

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