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Letter: Steve Coyer for ERWSD board

I am writing to voice my support for Steve Coyer’s re-election to the Eagle Water and Sanitation District Board for District 3.

In full disclosure, Steve is my brother-in-law. I have known him for 52 years through many chapters of his life — college, work after college, graduate school, and then work again — managing a region of ADP’s payroll business, and finally as president of a small company. Through each of these chapters, Steve has demonstrated his knowledge, open-minded approach to solving problems, balance, equity and fairness. Steve and my sister, Amy, moved to the Vail Valley in 1999 and immediately set down roots. He has served as Chairman of The Youth Foundation (predecessor to YouthPower365) and head of the First Tee in his region.

Today he is on the Vail Valley Foundation Board and is actively involved in bettering the lives of our valley’s youth. He and my sister spend a great deal of time in our schools in tutoring and mentoring students. He is also involved in and contributes to countless valley charitable causes with the goal of better the lives of our valley children. As a board member of the Eagle River Water & Sanitation District, Steve has demonstrated his knowledge of our valley’s water issues, and has worked tirelessly both in studying and in implementing solutions to our short-term and long-term water challenges. I can think of no other candidate that has the combination of experience, knowledge and heart than Steve Coyer.

Mark Kogan


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