Stop ‘pay to play’ in Washington; vote Mark Williams for 2nd Congressional District (letter) |

Stop ‘pay to play’ in Washington; vote Mark Williams for 2nd Congressional District (letter)

Letter to the Editor

Two weeks ago, Mick Mulvaney, former Congressman and now acting head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, spoke before The American Bankers Association and said, “If you were a lobbyist who never gave us money, I didn’t talk to you.”

Surprising but not shocking. The working ways of Washington have been highlighted since Bernie Sanders’ ’16 campaign. American politics is a “pay to play” game. The stakes are high, admission is steep, and right now, as things stand, the American people are the on the losing side of this “game.”

Spending some time on the site reveals a lot about how corporations, political action committees and individuals are hedging their bets, donating to both Republicans and Democrats. The recipients of these dollars can be looked at as investments. And as with any business investment, these corporations, PACs and individuals will be looking for a return on investment.

Congressional candidate Joe Neguse is one such “investment.” The Burns McDonnell PAC based in Kansas City is listed on Mr. Neguse’s FEC filings. According to the Burns McDonnell FEC filings, this PAC has donated 58 percent to Republicans and 42 percent to Democrats so far this election cycle.

Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, the Denver law firm that also has a lobbying arm in D.C., has donated to Mr. Neguse’s campaign and collectively is his largest donor. According to their FEC filings, this firm also has donated to Mitch McConnell.

The waters get murky at the top of the pyramid, parties don’t seem to matter, and keeping the doors open for “conversation,” regardless of who is elected, is the end game for these firms. Mr. Neguse is a willing participant in this game by accepting their donations.

In contrast, the 2nd Congressional District’s progressive Democrat, Mark Williams, is not willing to play the game. He is running a people-funded campaign and is not taking any PAC, special-interest or lobbyist money.

It’s time to stop the “pay to play” way of doing business in Washington. Let’s begin right here in our district. Support Mark Williams in the June Democratic primary.

Marie Adams


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