Support a intelligent dialogue at Stand For Our Land rally in Steamboat (letter) |

Support a intelligent dialogue at Stand For Our Land rally in Steamboat (letter)

Ms. Hasenbeck wrote of expected Zinke protests near a Friday, Aug. 10, Steamboat Institute Freedom Conference (“Opponents plan ‘Stand For Our Land’ rally to protest Ryan Zinke and policies,” Friday, July 27). The rally at the courthouse in Steamboat Springs is 2 miles from the conference site. The Institute CEO supports a peaceful rally, as do I.

Reading between some of the lines concerns me, like “tickets are still available” and “… people around the West, let alone the entire state of Colorado, are aware of it and will likely be coming up here.” I don’t think there will be much of a dialogue with those who say, like the protest organizer, that Zinke has a “flippant disregard” for efforts of indigenous people.

For openers, it’s worth reading an opinion piece written by Sec. Zinke for CNN, “Why we shrank the monuments.” There is much to debate in his article, but with the federal government controlling two-thirds of Utah, there was a lot of opposition to tying up such a large landmass (1.3 million acres) around the Bears Ears monument.

Many protests today have the goal of disrupting and shutting down speakers because of policies or personal views trying to be expressed. One hopes there can be some intelligent dialogue and Q&A at this Steamboat Institute event.

David Kellogg


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