Support clean car standards that protect our citizens, environment (letter) |

Support clean car standards that protect our citizens, environment (letter)

I was pleased to see Gov. Hickenlooper sign an executive order to begin the process of making Colorado the first interior state in the nation to adopt clean car standards. Thank you, Governor! As the federal government considers rolling back these standards at the national level, our state must step up and institute rules that will reduce air pollution, protect public health and combat climate change.

As excited as I am about this announcement, it’s only the beginning. The voices of Eagle County residents — voices calling for clean air, public health and climate action — must be heard. I applaud Commissioner Jill Ryan and her colleagues on our county commission for being among the first to call for Colorado to set its own emission standards. I hope elected officials and residents throughout our community will join them in supporting clean car standards here in Colorado. Our air, health and future depend on it.

Betsy Stratton


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