Thank you to the community for supporting local district ballot measures in election (letter) |

Thank you to the community for supporting local district ballot measures in election (letter)

I want to share a heartfelt thank you to our community after the recent elections: Thank you to all the candidates who took the time to run for public office and thank you to the volunteers who spent their time in support of candidates and issues that they care about. In today’s increasingly fractured political environment, it is important to recognize and thank those who make our system great.

I also want to recognize the community for its support of the local issues related to the Gallagher Amendment: Gypsum Fire, Greater Eagle Fire and Colorado Mountain College. Eagle County and the mountain region are built upon a foundation of special districts, and these special districts are vital to our quality of life. Thank you to Eagle County’s voters for taking the time to study and understand the impacts on our special districts and thank you for supporting Colorado Mountain College and our fire districts’ efforts to provide essential community services.

With gratitude,

Chris Romer

“Looking more closely at our children’s social media use, we must keep in mind that we, as the parents, are our offspring’s primary role models. Are we preoccupied with our smartphones? Do we turn them off during dinner or family time? Do we allow online media to interfere with family interaction?”

Colorado Mountain College trustee, Eagle County president and CEO of the Vail Valley Partnership

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