Thanks to community, first responders for help following Eagle Ranch house fire (letter) |

Thanks to community, first responders for help following Eagle Ranch house fire (letter)

Recently, our family was in the process of moving within Eagle when our new home was involved in a rather large structure fire (100 Ewing St. in the Eagle Ranch Village Homes). Social and local media outlets adequately covered the fire due to its significant size when first responders arrived.

The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind for our family, but we wanted to take the time to thank so many of the people in this community who have helped us through this trying time.

From the moment we were called about the fire early Tuesday morning, Sept. 25, to this point now, we continue to receive compassion and support from the people of this community. The first two days after the fire, we received numerous offers for a place to stay, many from complete strangers.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who have reached out during this time of need with your meals, prayers, time and consideration. The names of people who sacrificed something to help us recover from this fire would be too many to list, and we hope to thank you all personally at some point for the support you have given us.

We also want to praise our local first responders. They were and continue to be amazing examples of putting others before themselves. At great risk to themselves, two officers initially on the scene broke down the door and searched the smoke- and fire-filled house to verify that no one was inside.

Every firefighter, officer and public servant we have met through this process has been incredible, kind and compassionate. A group of firefighters even came the day after the fire to help us to move out of the house we were in the process of selling.

We can say without a doubt after needing the services of these wonderful men and women, we will be voting yes whole heartedly on 6A on the upcoming ballot. We ask that you join us to support the people who ultimately are protecting us in our greatest times of need. We also urge everyone in this valley to consider a fire prevention and exit plan for your family.

Thank you again to everyone who has helped us through this process. As a local family doctor in Eagle for the past three years, my desire to serve this community has grown due to the compassion and love shown to us during this time.

We are proud to call the Vail Valley our home. May God bless you all.

Corey, Kim, Bryce and Nolan Dobson


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