Thanks to the Vail Town Council for voting down new Vail Trail Extension (letter) |

Thanks to the Vail Town Council for voting down new Vail Trail Extension (letter)

I would like to thank and commend the members of the Town Council who voted against the Vail Trail Extension, which was a proposed mountain bike trail above the existing trail from the golf course to East Vail.

I am all for providing residents and tourists with recreation facilities, but the need for continually developing land must be weighed against the environmental impact and stress that this puts on the vegetation and the indigenous species that we are so fortunate so cohabit with.

This summer alone, I have seen young moose, bears, geese with their goslings, a golden eagle, foxes and beavers in that exact area, and I think it is vitally important to preserve it for future generations of wildlife and humans alike. Recent studies have underlined an alarming decline in populations of animals as we encroach on their territory up and down the valley.

We have 21 mountain bike trails on Vail Mountain for all abilities of riders, not including the service roads, and there are numerous hiking trails to enjoy, as well. The need for this extension versus the irreparable damage that was going to be caused was underwhelming.

Decisions like this are pivotal for Vail’s reputation as an environmentally friendly and responsible town. I thank the council members for listening to the voices and concerns of their constituents and acting accordingly.

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Kirsty Hintz


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