The Hahnewald Barn is a piece of Avon’s history, not just a ‘shack’ (letter) |

The Hahnewald Barn is a piece of Avon’s history, not just a ‘shack’ (letter)

Residents of Avon: I am responding to a letter about the shack (“$5 million for a pile of wood”? Mike Spaid, Sunday, Oct. 21).

I spent all of my growth in Avon, as I was first a resident of Eagle Bend Apartments and then later moved to Eagle-Vail. One thing that continues to stick out in my mind is the lack of value of history in the community. To call this a shack is a lack of compassion for where we came from.

I am sure the letter written by the source has something to gain in the endeavor. Obviously, the site can’t be preserved, though the building can stand for other situations. I grew up knowing this barn. Why are we so content on destroying what made our valley? Think about how you speak of the valley, how you speak to places in the valley. Let’s not destroy everything.

Every developer wants the next best structure in town, yet tourism is going to suffer. With no history, a town is just its next best thing. Allow the city to preserve history, as it hasn’t in the past. Don’t listen to someone who wasn’t grown into the politics, just wants to be politics. I still return every year and enjoy our town. Don’t let big money get in the way.

Preserve the town and the founders’ dream. Don’t let someone come in and judge it. Saving the barn/“shack” is not affecting the main issue of housing. Don’t be fooled by one person’s comments.

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Tyler Custer

La Vista, Nevada

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