The Vail Daily missed noting a local Olympian, Mikey Testwuide (letter) |

The Vail Daily missed noting a local Olympian, Mikey Testwuide (letter)

The Olympics are here and every day I have been reading about the amazing talent that is representing the USA from our happy valley. Impressive! But it seems the Vail Daily has forgotten a local with a major role in this year’s Olympics.

Mikey Testwuide, son of Paul and Janet Testwuide, is a hockey player, Vail native and Korean Citizen. Mikey had a dream to always play in the Olympics, but never did he know he would be representing any other country than the USA. Opportunity came knocking and Mikey jumped all over it, making his Olympic debut for Korea using the tools he has mastered over a great hockey career, all starting in the Dobson Ice Arena. Representing Korea doesn’t make him a traitor, not at all — it makes him the role model for following your dream and never giving up! Playing out his professional careen in Korea he says his teammates are his brothers. They should be, he has been playing with them for the last five years.

He will be playing in front of his home crowd, who know just how good he is. He will be playing in front of the world, a Vail native, a role model for chasing dreams, a Korean citizen on the biggest stage of his life.

Of course I will be rooting for the USA in every discipline except one. The kid I grew up with is living his dream and I couldn’t be more excited to see him on the Olympic stage, and I don’t care what colors he is wearing. Mikey Testwuide, you are an Olympian, and I know how proud Paul and Janet are, how jealous your brother is, and how for three periods of every Korean Men’s hockey game your hometown will be rooting for you!

Zach Wilson


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