The Zorro lesson: ‘When the student is ready, the master will come’ (letter) |

The Zorro lesson: ‘When the student is ready, the master will come’ (letter)

Many of life’s lessons come from unlikely places. The movie “Zorro” was a good example. Diego held off a drunken, broke and full-of-hate fellow who wanted to kill the man who killed his brother. The old nice man said, “When the student is ready, the master will come.”

At this time, we are learning the same lesson over again. Ronald Regan showed us how tax reduction would bring prosperity. Donald Trump has given us this lesson again. This time, the results of a tax reduction have shown us how low our value is on American creativity. Small businesses are starting at a record rate, unemployment is lowest ever, and working and making money is no longer a bad thing.

When the government gets out of the way, there is room for great minds to work for themselves. Bill Gates did his thing and made unbelievable amounts of money, and those knowing how his product worked also made a fine living with his product. Many believe that socialism should spread his wealth to poorer people. He is working to do that himself. The real problem is the people that don’t know the American dream will agree and want a hand out.

Within each individual is a God-given talent waiting to be tapped for all our good. The socialist government will always suppress the individual and their labors will mostly be only for the good of the government, while the government allows their meager survival.

Voting for those who support Mr. Trump will be the greatest advantage we can have to ensure everyone’s American dream will have an opportunity to come to fruition. Then pray that Mr. Trump will run again in two years to further the American dream for individuals to prosper from their own labors and not relying on government.

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Tom Henderson


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