Think of heritage and the future, oppose Golden Peak expansion plan (letter) |

Think of heritage and the future, oppose Golden Peak expansion plan (letter)

Editor’s note: Comments on the Golden Peak expansion proposal will be accepted through Monday, May 21, with Scott Fitzwilliams, White River National Forest supervisor, expected to make a decision about the project’s fate later this fall. For more information, email project lead Max Forgensi at

To whom it may concern: I am completely opposed to the clear cutting and ski area expansion to the historic site on Vail Mountain called Golden Peak.

The short-term gain to erase such a historic site, which also provides cover and habitat for so much wildlife, is completely irresponsible for the profit of the U.S. Forest Service. From what I hear, the deal has been done, and I think it insanely in line with this administration and its lack of concern for public lands and its use or misuse.

The fact today’s article in the Vail Daily is with no advance notice of the public hearing is corrupt at best (“Golden Peak plan getting final public hearing,” Tuesday, April 10). You have given the public no advance way to change plans and show up to be heard.

Vail Resorts is a public company for profit. They are not a thinking, feeling person. It is time to think of heritage and the future of the valley and the environment. Whether we like it or not, early-season skiing will be a thing of the past with impending climate change, and the claims by Vail Resorts and Ski Club Vail as to the local benefit is long gone.

Do what’s right and save Golden Peak for the future generations of all the children of all the species that enjoy it, for all time.

Sincerely yours,

Bill Rey


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