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Time to start saying ‘no’ to the extirpation of our local wildlife (letter)

If we really want to put a stop to the slow-motion catastrophe that is the extirpation of our local wildlife, we are going to have to start saying “no.”

Case in point is the current incarnation of development on an inholding above Edwards. Over the past 20 years, there have been at least three proposals to destroy this area, which is heavily used by elk, deer and other wildlife.

The current incarnation, Berlaimont Estates, calls for 19 enormous houses and a road with potentially 30- and 40-foot road cuts. The proposal will serve precisely zero purpose to the community. It will, however, effectively end the use of the area by wildlife, further stressing our already severely stressed deer and elk populations.

In case Bill Andree, Colorado Parks and Wildlife and the Vail Daily’s recent editorials and comments have been misunderstood: Habitat loss kills wildlife.

Berlaimont Estates, like the previous proposals, should be killed in its conception. The inholding, either through acquisition by the Forest Service or Eagle County Open Space, should be permanently protected.

It is only by saying “no” to pointless development, protecting habitat and reconnecting it that we can stem the tide of wildlife extinction.

Berlaimont Estates is an ideal place to start.

Jonathan Staufer


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