Tipton’s tenure in Congress should offend you; Mitsch Bush the right choice for our district (letter) | VailDaily.com

Tipton’s tenure in Congress should offend you; Mitsch Bush the right choice for our district (letter)

Letter to the Editor

We need an independent, inquisitive and passionate leader representing Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District.

I am voting for Diane Mitsch Bush in November 2018 because of her sensible positions on issues important to our district: Our health care, clean air and water for everyone, protecting and maintaining public lands and opportunities through better education coupled with inclusive training programs for displaced workers — all a refreshing change from obedience to large corporations’ empty promises and their shakedown tactics that gave us the abomination GOP tax scam.

Scott Tipton’s tenure in Congress should offend you. It has led many from this district to voice their displeasure and reach out for explanations when his votes contradict his public statements on repeal and replace or deficit spending. However, he refuses to hold town halls in neighborhoods where he might have to answer for what he’s done to an unfriendly audience.

Unfortunately, the shame of knowingly contradicting himself and harming vulnerable constituents with poorly written legislation did not stop brave Mr. Tipton. He voted to harm those with pre-existing conditions in the failed, and alarmingly ill-conceived, health care hatchet job and he gleefully voted for budget-busting tax cuts for the wealthy at the expense of the next generation (a nail in the coffin to his empty boasts of fiscal responsibility).

Our inadequate incumbent has not only proved himself deaf to the concerns of non-Republicans in the district, but curiously seems to choose a party line vote with Paul Ryan — Every. Single. Time. — without any thought or discussion about the unique makeup and needs of our district. I must have missed the memo that our mountains, small towns and beautiful open land are now part of Southeastern Wisconsin abutting lake Michigan. His vote for Ryan-Care is a glaring example of harming our state, which has made good use of the Affordable Care Act’s provisions to save people from medical bankruptcies with accessible health insurance and help improve the quality of basic health-care plans, in service of Republican leadership.

We’ve had enough of a representative that is part of the partisan clown show in Washington. It’s time for representation that takes the job of representing the entire district, including Colorado independents like me, seriously. If you want to elect a fighter who has proven herself a rational thinker, known for engaging with all viewpoints, who has authored legislation that has governed Colorado and who’s passionate about western Colorado, (not the Beltway cocktail circuit), go all in for Diane!

Harry Quinton


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