Toyama: Thank you for 10 great years of Pink Vail |

Toyama: Thank you for 10 great years of Pink Vail

Stacy Toyama
Valley Voices

In 2012, when we first launched Pink Vail, our goal was to showcase the Vail Health Shaw Cancer Center, help fund the Spirit of Survival program and secure the program’s future success. We never imagined how passionately and enthusiastically locals and visitors would rally their friends and family from around the world in a united fight against cancer.

Stacy Toyama

During the past 10 years, Pink Vail has raised nearly $6 million, far exceeding our expectations. Every dollar raised benefits patient care and programming at Shaw. All patients, no matter their cancer diagnosis, has the opportunity to benefit from Pink Vail funds throughout their cancer treatment experience and beyond.

These unique services can dramatically impact a patient’s quality of life, but are not typically covered by insurance. In this “Last Run” of the event, more than 1,000 participants helped raise more than $731,000, surpassing our 2021 goal of $500,000. We are so grateful for everyone’s support, which ensures patients will continue to benefit from the Spirit of Survival program for years to come.

The decision to make this the last year of Pink Vail came down to the grateful conclusion that we achieved our goals. A lot has changed in 10 years. In the midst of the pandemic, we realized the need to continue shifting more attention to other critical health issues in our community such as behavioral health and population health.

We understand how meaningful this event had become to the participants, donors, sponsors, volunteers and our own teams, and we encourage everyone to continue supporting cancer patients whether that is through another fundraiser, donations or taking a day to celebrate someone’s cancer journey your way.

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On behalf of everyone at Shaw Cancer Center and Vail Health, thank you for embracing Shaw and supporting our patients during the past 10 incredible years. Your dedication to raising funds through Pink Vail ensured the Spirit of Survival program will continue to benefit patients at Shaw for many years to come.

We had a blast hosting the world’s biggest ski day to conquer cancer, and we hope you cherish the memories of all the great costumes, fun deck parties, special time with family and friends, and meaningful moments when you were able to celebrate someone’s journey with cancer. We greatly appreciate your support, and we look forward to bringing our community more beneficial programs in the future.

Stacy Toyama is the vice president of Vail Health Shaw Cancer Center.

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