Trump and American democracy are at odds; which one will Tipton protect? (letter) |

Trump and American democracy are at odds; which one will Tipton protect? (letter)

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Jeff Sessions met twice with the Russian ambassador, which he failed to disclose in a Congressional hearing. He had no choice but to recuse himself from matters arising from the unanimous conclusion of our intelligence services that Russia criminally interfered in the 2016 elections and is an ongoing threat.

It fell upon Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to appoint a special counsel to conduct an investigation, which, together with related prosecutions, has in the course of 16 months yielded indictments of about 25 Russians and indictments, convictions or guilty pleas of, among others, Trump’s former campaign manager, former deputy campaign chairman, former national security adviser, former long-term personal lawyer and former campaign foreign policy adviser and probed numerous contacts, meetings and transactions between Trump associates and Russians operatives or oligarchs closely aligned with Putin.

Trump vehemently opposes the investigation and wants to end it.

At the Montrose County Republican Women’s luncheon, Friday, Aug. 17, Scott Tipton said, “I’ve been very disappointed with Attorney General Sessions (recusing himself from matters relating to Russian interference in our elections)”; “Eliminating himself from the equation, I think, is counterproductive”; “as long as (the investigation) has gone on, it ought to be coming to a conclusion”; “it has morphed to the point where we’re going off on rabbit trails”; and the president “probably could” end the investigation.

Trump and American democracy are at odds. It’s obvious which Tipton thinks is more important to protect.

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Edward Packard


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