Trump voter is fan of president’s policies, not defender of his character (letter) |

Trump voter is fan of president’s policies, not defender of his character (letter)

I happened to read Richard Carnes’ Tuesday, Jan. 30, commentary where he accused conservatives and Trump supporters of lazy indifference in not defending the president’s character (“It’s beginning to make sense,” Tuesday, Jan. 30). I would submit to Mr. Carnes that the lack of comments to his challenge were not due to political indifference or complacency. Perhaps Mr. Carnes needs to come to grips with the possibility that not as many people read his missives as he would like to believe.

I was unaware of his challenge, so I went to the Vail Daily website and found his original column (“Still waiting for character defense,” Tuesday, Jan. 23). It appears that Mr. Carnes is so upset by the Trump presidency that he is challenging the morality, ethics and principles of everyone who voted for Trump. I will gladly respond to Carnes’ challenge by admitting that I voted for Trump, not because he possessed the character and personality traits that I desired. Rather, he possessed the character and was committed to policies that were preferable to the alternative.

Machiavelli posited that virtue was an unrealistic and possibly self-defeating trait for a politician. I am a fan of President Trump’s policies, not a defender of his character. Unlike Mr. Carnes, I have participated in every election since I was first eligible to vote. To my recollection, only once did I find a candidate with the character and policy objectives that I totally agreed with.

I found it interesting that Carnes has referred to President Trump as a “thin-skinned misogynist man-child” and an “immature name-calling buffoon.” In his Jan. 23 commentary, Carnes wants Trump supporters to defend the man he deems to have “very low moral standards and highly questionable business ethics.” In the first sentence of the following paragraph, he states, “My goal is not to judge.” Yeah, right.

Mr. Carnes seems to take pride in the fact that he is neither conservative nor liberal and has never voted for a candidate of either party. He distrusts both sides equally and has publicly ridiculed every president since Clinton. A real curmudgeon. My suggestion to Mr. Carnes is that when tax time comes and his opposition to President Trump is still strong, he should continue to resist Trump and pay his taxes at the Obama rate.

Jeff Miller


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