Trump’s Montana rally appalling; do you still have faith and trust in this president? (letter) |

Trump’s Montana rally appalling; do you still have faith and trust in this president? (letter)

The Fourth of July was celebrated beautifully from our nation’s capital, as well as from New York City and Nashville on TV. I cried when the song “You’ll Never Walk Alone” was sung so beautifully. I cried for our country and my grandchildren and what they will be facing as adults.

As I’ve stated in my previous letter to the editor of Friday, June 29 (“Do I still live in America?”), I’m just a little ole lady feeling hopeless so many days in 2017 and 2018. I’ve never felt this way, as I am not a person prone to depression. On the contrary, I take lemons and make lemonade.

How many of you are listening to the words of our president when he speaks to his base at rallies, such as the one recently in Montana?

Do we really believe that totalitarian governments such as those in Russia and North Korea are our friends and we’ll all be just fine if we operate on that basis? It seems as though folks all around me are putting their heads in the sand and repeating what President Trump says at his rallies, that Putin is just fine and we’re all going to be fine.

I am still in shock at the laughing, jeering and clapping when President Trump mocked George H.W. Bush, who inspired the 1,000 points of Light Foundation that celebrates volunteerism in America; the mockery of the #metoo movement, the put downs of Elizabeth Warren, Sen. McCain, Maxine Waters, etc.

This is mob mentality, folks, when President Trump’s base laughs and jeers when he mocks these Senators and Presidents before him. This is so very scary to me and does not feel like I’m living in America. This, to me, in plain words, is ignorance and denial.

The President has made a mockery of the FBI, the CIA, our press and the list goes on and on, doesn’t it? These are the very institutions that protect our civil liberties and us. Hate seems to be winning out since President Trump has been in the White House. What will it take to wake up my fellow Americans believing in this reality TV star who has filed bankruptcy six times? America can’t file bankruptcy as Donald Trump has done.

My favorite quote is a Japanese prayer: There can be no sickness like hate, no gift like health, no joy like peace, no faith like trust. Do you still have faith and trust in this president? If you do, you must have your heads in the sand.

Linda Carr


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