Truth or consequences: Our democracy depends on all of us getting involved (letter) |

Truth or consequences: Our democracy depends on all of us getting involved (letter)

The latest crises, the day that President Donald Trump sided with Putin, instead of his own judicial system in Helsinki, tops them all, doesn’t it?

Just when I think people in the Republican Party should be seeing the truth and that the Republicans on the Hill will stand up for our civil liberties and our Democracy, they back track. This is a very scary time. Please, America, get informed of the truth instead of keeping your heads in the sand and listening to only the propaganda channels.

How can you make any sense of President Donald Trump saying, “Don’t believe the crap you see from these people, the fake news”? Our media is trying its very best to bring you the truth, America. I find it unbelievable that you can’t recognize the lies coming from the right-wing media every day and the current president.

The only thing that I can contribute all this craziness to is that Americans are simply accepting lies every day and not concerned about truth and not concerned about having our Democracy taken from us every day with the current administration. I know it matters how much money you have to survive, but at what cost for your children and grandchildren?

Aren’t you all tired of all this drama and crises every day and waiting for the next shoe to drop? Personally, I’m exhausted. I can’t even get into a good book these days, as my head is too full of the stuff going on in Washington and the effect it will have on our standing in the world.

Hoping that more people on the left, as well as the right, and everyone in between, will start paying more attention to what is happening in our country and that everyone will get out and vote in the midterms this year. Our democracy depends on all of us getting involved. If you sit back and do nothing and accept all the lies, there will be consequences.

Linda Carr


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