Two-party politics demands a choice: Register as a Republican or Democrat (letter) |

Two-party politics demands a choice: Register as a Republican or Democrat (letter)

I have been an Independent since 1976. I consider myself to have moderate views, as relative as that term might be. At the national level, at least, I see that our elective primary system has evolved away from more of a convention system to one that encourages far-right and far-left representation by zealots in both parties.

I have given up hope that anything but the two-party system is possible at this time. I recently registered as a Democrat to see if the too-far-left control in that party will allow reasonable consideration of moderate views in both civil and fiscal matters. If that is not possible, then I will change my registration to Republican and, in the next election rotation, see if that is possible as a Republican.

I encourage all of you to affiliate with a party and not do what I have done since 1976. I see that in the last election at the national level, our President and the majority of our Senators and Congresspeople were elected by an electorate consisting of Republicans and more than half of the moderate independents that were anti-Clinton and/or influenced by the Russians.

Yes, that is somewhat of an oversimplification. I voted for her in spite of previously saying that I never would unless she divorced Bill or he was dead. She had done a lot to prove herself as a politician and statesperson. The Russian influence is hard to gauge. The “Clinton” influence is not hard to gauge.

As an Independent, I was totally turned off by Bill’s performance in his second term, which was dominated by Monica et al and his failure to accomplish many goals that could have been completed without his problem. Her email fiasco and when Bill visited the Attorney General’s plane were probably enough reminders of all the Clinton negative ways to cause a large enough shift of Independents to Trumphole that he did not need the Russian help.

I hope to find an environment which will make it possible to see government run from the middle by bipartisanship instead of the wild swings to the far right and far left that we have been experiencing in the past 30 years.

As an aside, the reference to Trumphole above is not a mistake. He likes to give pet names, and I believe he has named himself, at least for me for all time, Trumphole. I am currently 74, and Trumphole is the first President in United States history that I believe does not at least meet the minimum requirement of any President, which is to put the interest of the United States instead of himself first every time he makes a decision.

I hope that somehow he may step up to the plate and play ball and, if not, hope that he is somehow impeached before he causes too much harm to our country, which I still believe in.

Bob Essin


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