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Under Republican leadership, the country is getting stronger, day by day (letter)

Wow, so many accusations, so little space to respond to them all (“Open letter to Republicans,” Linda Carr, Thursday, May 10).

Let me say first that as a Republican, I am proud of where our country is headed. Trump has unleashed the economy and it is responding for all of the country. Most specifically, minority unemployment, black, Hispanic and Asian, is at record lows. Think of all those families growing stronger as their economic prospects and dreams begin to be realized.

America is a strong presence again in international affairs. We are leading from the front, which means there will not always be universal agreement on any specific policy, but we will show a clear path to a better future. Think of the amazing potential for positive change in North Korea, as just one example, or the evisceration of ISIS. North Korea is not there yet, but it is a potential not seen before.

The personal agreements that Obama made without legislative approval are being reversed or eliminated. Think the Paris accords and the Iran nuclear deal, which were never approved by Congress because they did not have enough political support.

As far as the accusation that Trump is destroying democracy, I would suggest to you that the real destroyers of democracy are the liberal politicians, academics and students who choose to close off debate by demonizing their opponents as evil or dangerous. They suppress dialogue and discussion and would like nothing better than a world in which the Thought Police are unleashed and all dissenting thought is punished and eliminated. It is those liberal tactics that are the real threat to democracy.

So, take a deep breath. Don’t be a chicken little; the sky is not falling. The country is getting stronger, day by day, and the beneficiaries are all the citizens of this country, as evidenced by low unemployment, income growth, greater opportunities and many other measures.

A better future awaits for all citizens of this country, and that is because the Republicans have the courage to challenge and conquer the old totems and conventional wisdom which have held the energy of the country back. Productive change is hard, but it is worth the effort.

Al Musser


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