Vail Chamber & Business Association: Hospitality is what makes a trip great |

Vail Chamber & Business Association: Hospitality is what makes a trip great

Marco Valenti
Valley Voices

The nights are getting colder as another great summer draws to a close. As I think about another great winter on the horizon, I want to share my thoughts on how people are the differentiator when elevating an average vacation to an amazing experience. 

I reaffirmed my belief in the significance of guest service as a result of a trip I took several weeks ago. As a self-proclaimed golfer, a trip to Scotland is in many ways similar to a snow sports enthusiast coming to Vail. A bucket list trip if you will, although now all I can think about is making it back to play again. 

Previous to our departure, I wasted time watching the flyovers of many of the holes which I would soon play. I imagine it’s similar to how our guests check out our trail maps and mountain cams as they prepare for their trip to Vail. 

Upon arrival in Scotland, I was blown away by the beauty of the landscape as I never imagined the multitude of hues of green. Even more stunning, over nine rounds of golf, it did not rain once! 

I would compare this to our guests getting blower pow day after day on their visit. I was told previous to my trip that the Scots were amazing to visitors; however, I was not ready for the manner in which they took care of us and treated us like family daily! 

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Surprisingly as I think back on my trip, it is the smiles, the pats on the back, the toasts, which were frequent, and warmth from all who we met that I remember. Yes, not the birdies, which were infrequent, but the people. The Scots are why I want to return as they made our trip amazing. 

The natural beauty of Scotland is impressive but there are many beautiful places around the world. What elevated this trip was people and how they cared for us. As I now sit at my desk back in Vail, the idea that this is our mandate for how to treat our Vail guests is remarkable. 

While one cannot always line up Mother Nature’s blessing with their visit, one can control the manner in which they welcome visitors to their home. I am excited as I think about how we welcome guests to our home because I know we have the natural beauty coupled with vibrant and engaging people who will elevate our guest’s experiences and continue to separate Vail from other mountain resorts. 

The Vail Chamber and Business Association is entering into the second year of the Mountain Hospitality program. A new component of the program this year is that we will partner to a much greater degree with Vail Mountain and the Town of Vail. We will be reaching out soon regarding the program, what it entails and encourage all Vail businesses to participate this winter season. I look forward to another great winter. See you soon on the chairlift my friends!

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Marco Valenti is the senior manager for retail Vail Resorts in Vail and is responsible for the Vail Sports brand. He is a member of the Vail Chamber & Business Association board.

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