Vail Daily column: A few helpful notes for Donald Trump |

Vail Daily column: A few helpful notes for Donald Trump

Donald Trump, if you really, truly wish to lead our nation for the next four years, I have a few thoughts on what you should and should not do leading up to Nov. 8.

First, memorize the above date and say it correctly from this point forward.

Quit waking up early every day to tweet retorts to the morning headlines and having your feelings hurt on a daily basis. This is not the way a presidential candidate should behave.

Quit attacking “Saturday Night Live” because Alec Baldwin makes fun of you. SNL is not proof of a rigged election.

Quit attacking The New York Times as if they are your personal enemy when in reality they were the ones who broke the Clinton email fiasco.

Quit pandering to Latinos by eating a taco bowl and African-Americans by tweeting a boast about being right each time an unarmed African-American is shot.

Quit taking credit for “solving” the birther issue, claiming you were against the Iraq war and talking about Rosie O’Donnell and former beauty queens.

Quit saying you did not sexually harass any of those women and then follow it up with a derogatory statement about their looks, implying that even if you would sexually harass them you wouldn’t have chosen any of “them” because of their looks. If past allegations have no bearing on future performance, as you keep insisting, leave Bill Clinton out of it. Repeat after me, “Bill Clinton is not running for president.”

Quit using Rudy Giuliani as a surrogate. He’s almost as bad as you are in that he is known for allowing his lips to move before his brain finishes a thought.

Quit telling people why they should hate your opponent and not vote for her and start telling them why they should vote for you.

Quit telling everyone how bad they have it but how good it will be if you win without any specifics whatsoever.

Quit performing for you audience by saying silly crap like you’re going to build an actual wall, put Hillary in jail and she should take a drug test before the debate tomorrow night.

Quit sniffing during the debates and proving the new adage, “Trump trumps logic.”

Start pointing out how rates 27 percent of Clinton’s claims as “Mostly false, false and Pants-on-fire.” Do not mention the same rating for you is 71 percent.

Start running a campaign for public office instead of a grievance crusade against anyone and everyone who has ever critiqued you in any way, and tell voters your actual positions and plans for immigration, war in the Middle East, other national security issues, jobs, trade, the economy, climate change, our education system, and so on.

But whatever you do, please quit calling yourself a victim and claiming everything is a rigged conspiracy.

The whining has gone on far too long.

Thank you, and I hope this helps.

Next week: A few helpful notes for Hillary Clinton!

Richard Carnes, of Edwards, writes weekly. He can be reached at

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